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Lessons Learned on the Ball Field By A Son From His Dad

BY: MICHAEL ANDREW I grew up the son of a big leaguer, so for me baseball was more than a summer pastime, it was a way of life. My father played professional ball back in the 40’s and 50’s then continued playing in the Sandlot and Twilight leagues until the time I was born when

The 6 Habits of a Highly Effective Youth Baseball Coach

BY: TONY ABBATINE From the big leagues to Little Leagues, highly effective coaches share the same outstanding teaching and communication skills. Here’s six areas to focus on as you get ready for the upcoming season. 1. Teach, don’t preach Be aware when you are in overtime with your speech to the team. Smaller pieces of

How a Baseball Hitter Can Learn to Hit the High Pitch or Low Pitch

By: JIM MORRIS, UNIV. OF MIAMI HEAD COACH Hitting the High Pitch The high pitch is the zone that is most incorrectly swung at, more than any other pitch. Yet pitches in this zone should not be difficult to hit with a correct swing. The ball is close to the hitter’s eyes and if you

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