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Lessons Learned on the Ball Field By A Son From His Dad

BY: MICHAEL ANDREW I grew up the son of a big leaguer, so for me baseball was more than a summer pastime, it was a way of life. My father played professional ball back in the 40’s and 50’s then continued playing in the Sandlot and Twilight leagues until the time I was born when

How To Handle A Bad Umpire Call

Have you ever been in a game where the runner was clearly out but the umpire called him safe? Where the ball was seemingly 15 feet above the plate but still called a strike? Of course you have. We all have, including Major League Baseball players. They will be the first to tell you that

Should You Try Switch-Hitting?

BY: MIKE SCHMIDT & ROB ELLIS MLB Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt started his college baseball career as a switch-hitter but gave it up before reaching the majors. He went on to hit 548 home runs, win the National League MVP three times and was named the Sporting News Player of the Decade for the

The Best Pitches for Youth Baseball Pitchers to Throw

Coming up as a pitcher, you’ve heard in your early years all about pitching to corners, developing the proper arm circle, and maintaining balance throughout the throwing motion. Now that you look the part, you’re ready to learn the pitches that baffle batters without the added stress to the elbow and shoulder. What follows is

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